Remembrance Column – Steve Turner Memorial

Steve Turner Memorial

A Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration – September 15th, 2016 – St Bride's Church, Fleet Street

Remembrance Column

Please share your memories of Steve

  1. Dennis Rice

    I was a young reporter at the Sunday Mirror when I first met Steve and got to know him and Deboral well over the years, largely due to my knack of rarely not telling my bosses what I really thought of them.
    My impression of him is that as a man he could have done anything he put his mind to. Instead he became a reporter because he wanted go make a difference, then a union man because he wanted to make an even bigger difference.
    He certainly made a difference to me at a time when the industry seemed to be about dog eating dog, and playing people off against each other. He showed me about courage, about resilience, about standing up to bullies, and literally laughing in the face of adversity.
    I can’t thank him enough and although he’s gone I won’t foget a single bloody thing about him.

  2. Steve Atkinson

    Thanks for everything, Steve. The genuine article.

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